Advertise with us is the go-to Online Newspaper for up to the minute News and Community information! Our larongeNOW newsroom has the largest staff of any news service in Northern Saskatchewan, operating seven days a week to provide our readers up-to-the-minute news, weather and sports coverage.  Whether it’s a massive power outage, a boil water order, a local accident or disaster, Northern Saskatchewan turns to the information leader, also boasts the region’s largest Free Classified ad section where thousands of readers buy, sell, and trade everything from vehicles to real estate, look for work, find work, and place announcements, all totally free! The larongeNOW Obituary page is the most visited obituary page in Northern Saskatchewan. We also host the region’s largest community group news and happenings section, and a comprehensive current events calendar.

larongeNOW: Online, on demand  and constantly promoted by the region’s best radio stations!  It’s where Northern Saskatchewan goes for their news and information.  As an advertiser, it’s where you want to be.

Online Ad Inventory

Available Ad Zones

We offer the following ad zones on

  • Billboard – 970x250 pixels. One space positioned above the main content, one below.
  • Square – 300x250 pixels. Two spaces positioned in the right sidebar, three spaces positioned in the main content.
  • Small Rectangle – 300x100 pixels. Two spaces positioned in the right sidebar.

Ad inventory is available in six different sections:

  • The splash region – home page.
  • The news region – news, business, entertainment and sports tabs.
  • The obituary region. (note: limited availability)
  • The community region – media, community, classifieds, auto mall, fun & games, weather.
  • The automall region.
  • The real estate region.

Ad Creative Specifications

Provided creative must meet the correct size requirements for the inventory requested, these are (width x height): 

  • Medium Rectangle – 300x250
  • Billboard – 970x250
  • Small Rectangle – 300x100

Acceptable file versions: Flash 10 (and earlier versions), Action Script 3 (and earlier versions). Our ad server does not support Flash 11 or Flash 10.2 SWF files.

File sizes: The absolute maximum size of the flash file must be under 1 MB, and the max initial load size recommended by the IAB is 40 KB. We do not have a maximum animation length at this time.

Fallback images: Please provide a standard flat image file for times when the user’s browser does not support Flash or HTML5.

clickTAG code: Our ad server requires the use of clickTAG code for tracking click through on ads. Do not place your website URL in the flash file, instead send the URL with the flash file for us to upload to our ad server. 

For more information about setting up your creative file with clickTAG please see: or

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